Everyday decisions such as creating vehicle parking areas on our properties can have environmental consequences. In times of heavy or sustained rain fall the drainage system can become overloaded and cause Catastrophic flooding.

This has resulted in changes to Government legislation making it now a legal requirement to contain all of your runoff water within your property.

This is even if you are only resurfacing an existing area.

There is a simple solution to this problem that does NOT require planning permission and this is to design the area so that the water runs off into a flower bed or lawn and disperses naturally.


To install linear drainage channels that can be either plumbed into an existing soak away or a newly installed soak away. It’s also important to ensure that any paved area or patio that is being installed has a sufficient run on it to allow the water to run off and if necessary linear drainage channels installed to take the water away to avoid unsightly puddles or at worst the risk of any flooding to your property.

We can install linear drainage channels, new hoppers, pipe work and soak way systems that would suit your particular requirements.

We also offer the installation of inlay man hole covers these are a great way of reducing the impact of unsightly old drain covers that are located within your new patio and driveways making them more aesthetically pleasing and less noticeable but allowing you to still access them if needed.