We can help you transform your existing driveway using one or combination of the large variety of traditional and contemporary brick,setts,cobbles and clay pavers that are available on the market today.

We can extend your original driveway or create a new driveway in place of existing front or rear gardens giving you those much needed extra parking spaces.

Planning permission is NOT needed where provision is made for rainwater to drain into a soft landscape such as grass, border planting or into a specially constructed soak away installed by us.

The key to a good driveway installation is the preparation.

Below is an explanation ofthe specifications we work to so you can see exactly how we will be installing your driveway and enabling you to make a true comparison with other quotes you may wish to obtain.

Block and Clay Paving

The minimum depth we will be removing from the top of your existing driveway/path is 235mm (9.3″)

Allowing for

150mm (6″) of compacted hardcore

35mm (1.half”) of compacted sand

50mm (2″) for your block paving although this may vary on different styles of paving

235mm overall is the minimum depth of ground that would need removing but if the ground is soft under your driveway we will need to remove more earth or clay and replace with additional hardcore.

The area of block paving must be surrounded by a firm edge or restraint to prevent the blocks, sand and sub base on which they are laid on from creeping outwards causing the paving to lose its integrity.

Existing walls (example house) or new edgings being curb blocks or flattop curbs need to be used to form the framework around the paving to hold it all together.

Drivesys Paving systems

Marshalls Drivesys patented driveway systems are designed to create driveways which look and feel like natural stone.

The smooth lines of ‘Split Stone’ make it the perfect contemporary option, ‘Original Cobble’ has the character of timeless reclaimed cobblestones and 'Riven Stone' brings a warm aesthetic.

The three stone replica options can be used to reinforce the heritage of traditional properties, or enhance contemporary architectural styles.

Every product in the Drivesys range features the patented contoured base, which has been specially engineered to allow conventional laying techniques . The Drivesys Driveway System has been engineered to provide the ultimate driveway laying course. a specialist resin based jointing compound gives a solid joint minimising vegetation growth or insects making it there home unlike conventional block/brick paving with the lose sand joints.

there are Five complementary block sizes in every pack  ensure a random authentic look.

Natural stone pavers,setts and cobbles

Natural stone driveway pavers cobbles and sets are a great way to make a statement to the front of your property and come in a range of materials and styles contemporary and traditional. 

One of the main benefits of using a natural stone is the longevity these materials will last a lifetime looking as good as new 50 years down the line as the day they where installed 

Resin bound

is a mixture of aggregate stone and resin used to create driveways and paths, the system make a great permeable paving solution.

The system is mixed on site and cold applied, using a high-quality clear resin binder to coat the aggregate particles prior to laying. Unlike resin-bonded surfacing, where a thin layer of resin is applied to the surface and then the aggregate scattered on top (which can then become loose over time and is impermeable), resin and aggregates are thoroughly mixed together prior to laying, ensuring that the aggregate is completely coated and so providing a totally bound surface

 Block Pavers

A block paver is a solid concrete block that has been coloured using a dye or pigment in the concrete mix before pouring into a mould. There are a large variety of colours a textures and sizes available.